The Mindful Mover

A simple and practical guide to adding mindfulness to your movement practice.

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Course Overview

This course is an Introduction to Mindfulness and how we can apply this concept to our movement practice. First, we need to have a clear understanding of mindfulness. We will then take our new knowledge and practice our connection to self through the breath. Continuing this practice we will add movement. Finally, we will integrate all of these techniques into our pole practice.

What are the requirements?

  • Just You!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • At the end of this course, you will be more connected to yourself, breath and the inner workings of your pole practice.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone looking to take their pole practice to the next level by diving into the details of focused awareness and the importance of intention.

About the Author

Heidi is a leader in what it means to embody authenticity,positivity and creativity. By standing confidently in her own truth and uniqueness Heidi empowers others to do the same. 

Heidi believes in being connected to and harnessing inner strength, creativity and uniqueness. It is through exploration that we ignite the courage to embrace who we are!

Heidi is well known for taking powerful moves, adapting them to pole and making them possible. Nothing is impossible to Heidi, its about breaking down the technique and coming up with a format to teach and perform a technically sound move.

Her mission is to empower people to embrace their vulnerability, live with courage, an open heart and to be curious about their potential both on and off the pole. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Mindful Movers

  • Welcome!

An Introduction to Mindful Movement

  • Introduction

What is Mindfulness?

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What will we gain from Mindfulness?

Breath Practice

  • Practicing Our Breath
  • Practicing Together
  • Combining Breath

Mindful Polers Practice

  • Combining Breath, Movement, and Pole
  • Layering Your Practice
  • Disclaimer
  • Basic Movement Integration
  • Intermediate Movement Integration
  • Combo Integration Practice


  • Bonus Meditation Recording

Final Thoughts

  • Final Thoughts


  • This course is amazing to anyone who wants to start to take their pole practice into a more conscious and aware practice and learn to connect their breath to the pole movement. Heidi voice is very relaxing and the exercises are very well structured and clear and easy to follow.
    3 years ago
  • Amazing course and something to keep on coming back to! Thank you Heidi! Mindfulness is a journey and this was just what I needed to feel reconnected to my breath and my aerial practice.
    3 years ago
  • An excellent course to learn incorporate breathing and mindfulness to your pole practice, also to remember you to be present and enjoy your practice and your pole journey.
    3 years ago
  • Amazing Course! I am learning tools to elevate connection and mindfulness to all facets of my life and activities with breath! Thank you! ?
    3 years ago
  • Excellent for any and all polers!! This course has even been helpful in my everyday life outside of pole. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a pole "recharge" or even just some great tools to add to your training and life. So good!
    3 years ago


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