31 Days with Dan

31 Day strength and conditioning programme to help you move to the next level in your pole training.

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Course Overview

This course is no longer for sale and is only available to people who have previously purchased.

This 31 day programme will give you the tools you need to step up to the next level of your pole journey. And look out for 5 incredible bonus videos at the end!

This started as a personal journey I wanted to take with a few people with similar interests. It turned out that many people felt the same way that I did and wanted to get their pole game back. The challenge had over 10.000 people following and was a huge success. So many of the people attending smashed their goals AND SO CAN YOU!!!

This challenge is exactly what you need to help get you out of a pole rut! You just have to start... LETS DO THIS! 

The course consisits of 26 videos and 5 bonus videos. When doing this challenge we did a 6 day week mon-sat with sunday as rest day. However, i would recommend to do what suits your body best. Start with 2 or 3 days a week and go from there. Best of luck. Dan

What are the requirements?

  • Invert
  • Crucifix
  • Basic Spins

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • HIIT
  • Stamina Building
  • Fitness

What is the target audience?

  • Pole Dancers

About the Author

Dan Rosen Pole Artist. Dan has competed for many years and now travels the world teaching his signature tricks workshops. Dan is a fountain of pole knowledge after 13 years in the industry. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be taught by Dan! 

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome Video

31 Days with Dan

  • 1st Jan
  • 2nd Jan
  • 4th
  • 5th Jan
  • 6th Jan
  • 7th Jan
  • 8th Jan
  • 9th Jan
  • 11th Jan
  • 12th Jan
  • 13th Jan
  • 14th Jan
  • 15th Jan
  • 16th Jan
  • 18th Jan
  • 19th Jan
  • 20th Jan
  • 21st Jan
  • 22nd Jan
  • 23rd Jan
  • 25th Jan
  • 26th Jan
  • 27th Jan
  • 28th Jan
  • 29th Jan
  • 30th Jan


  • Handspring/ Ayesha Conditioning
  • Boss that Invert!
  • Give it some Flare
  • Smash that Shouldermount
  • Wavy Baby


    3 years ago
  • Did part of the program live in January (#Danuary) and loved it (though I was dying). Dan is a great instructor and also so entertaining. There are always options for beginners to advanced. Dan and his course really bring you further!
    3 years ago
  • Amazing course, really helped me build strength and tone up. Great instruction and really fun as Dan is absolutely hilarious as well as a great teacher! Well worth it, in fact it is a bargain!
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
  • Amazing! His motivational speeches are the bomb, and I feel sooooo much stronger!
    3 years ago
  • I did the live version and had to buy this set because it's so effective and is filled with such high-quality content. This will leave you feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to go to your next level - it's truly been transformational for me!!
    3 years ago
  • Did 31 day challenge and was amazing. Catered to all levels. Leg day really helped my arthritis by building muscle strength
    3 years ago
  • I thought my love for Pole had been lost, but Dan's amazing positivity and encouragement has really sparked the passion back and I cannot wait to re-take these classes and get stronger :) Thank you Dan - you saved my January <3!
    3 years ago
  • Such a great way to start the year, I very much recommend this course!!
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    2 years ago
  • I did the original challenge and the difference was impressive. I am a beginner with no upper body strength and conditioning with Dan really helped me build massively my upper body strength but also all my body. I highly recommend it. Plus he is fun, picks your mood up and he has a super cute cat photo bombing his classes!
    3 years ago
  • Thank you for #Danuary. It was hard but totally worth it! You're a great teacher!
    3 years ago
  • I did the lives and now I want to do it again to improve my strength, I’ve been doing pole for 2 years and I could only ever do the beginner moves my challenge to myself is to get to a good level and be proud to say Dan made me this good and made my body this good he inspired me to be better ???????? He’s my role model
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
  • I did the 31 days live in January and got so much out of it that I bought the course so that I can do it all over again. Dan is fun, makes you laugh and lifts your spirits, as well as working you hard. Highly recommended !
    3 years ago
  • Dan has helped me gain strength I didn't even know was possible. I am so excited to see what the future brings.
    3 years ago
  • In terms of video quality, sound quality, and accessibility, the course is so so. There are no captions for the videos, which would really help with audio issues in some cases. Most of the time you can hear what Dan is saying, but the music is sometimes too loud. Dan's exercises are awesome and I really get a sweat on when I go through them. This makes me nice and sticky to work on some pole tricks after the workout. I see this is now priced at $240 USD, which seems like too much in my opinion. Note also that there are no prerequisites listed in the description of this course, but you should be able to at least invert.
    2 years ago
    3 years ago
  • The only workout I've ever actually looked forward to doing...or at least not dreaded. Dan's teaching persona is amazing (fun, upbeat, positive and very genuine) and he explains everything really well and provides great differentiation. Thanks Dan!
    3 years ago
  • Love it! I've just started the course the 2nd time
    3 years ago
  • A godsend <3 Loved following this live in January and getting back on track with pole - so happy to have access to it after the fact to revisit the conditioning drills
    3 years ago
  • Loved it in Jan, still loving it, thanks Dan!
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
  • Killer workouts, perfectly for maintaining and improving conditioning over lockdowns! Thanks heaps for doing this Dan :-)
    2 years ago
  • Excellent for all levels due to great modifications of each activity!
    2 years ago
  • It’s always changing! Sometimes available and most of the time not available. The price has been multiplied by 10 at least . But no access every video is cancelled… it doesn’t respect the CGV
    3 months ago


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